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Vixen X-Y Side by Side guide mount systemThis product is highly recommended
Professional grade zero flexure side by side mounting system with micro adjust control

If you are really serious about setting up for long exposure astro photography, then this package is most likely the best solution you'll find. One of the biggest problems with low-cost adjustable tube ring guide scope set ups is weight shift of the entire imaging system (particularly the all important guide scope) when the mount crosses over the meridian or in some cases when sent to another part of the sky. Even the slightest weight shift of a guide scope set in commonly used adjustable tube ring set ups can cause the guide the preciousl reference point guide star to simply shift by several pixels and the mount and auto-guiding software to act in a dramatic way to cause a less than circular stars in the final long exposure image.

It is often amazing how some will spend thousands on their mount, primary optics and camera only to end up frustrated by drifted images often the result of flexure in the system due to a cheap idea. Why not simply do it properly!?!?
So here we have put together a number of individual components as a single package for those who are very serious about doing astrophotography, seeking a truly tried and tested solid guide mount system. Why cut corners and waste valuable imaging time in frustration?

This system includes everything needed to simply mount on your existing Vixen dovetail style German equatorial mount (Vixen, Celestron, Sky-Watcher etc..)

The excellent Vixen X-Y guide mount offers a coarse adjusment for parallel alignment of the guide scope with easy hand clamps for locking into place. Fine adjustment is achieved using the 4 small micro knobs to select the guide star you want smack in the centre of your guide scope.


#2576 Vixen Professional grade SX multi telescope mounting plate - with 5 interchangeable positions - solid one piece all metal ribbed design to take lots of weight
#35621 - Super X - Y Guide mount (6 degree adjustable and handles up to 5 kgs)
#3810 Vixen Dovetail mounting block (for guide scope)
Heavy duty long axis Vixen style dovetail mounting receiver (for the primary telescope)
Allen Wrenches and Bolts

Total weight: 2.6kg

Depending on the weight of your primary telescope, camera and load bearing of the mount, this system will work nicely with Vixen SXD2, SXP, AXD, Sky-Watcher HEQ5, EQ6, NEQ6 and AZEQ6GT, Celestron CGE mounts and many more.

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